Advertising Opportunities 

Ad in the Program Brochure and in the PSB

We will be publishing a Conference Brochure this year with the program.  In addition, your ad it will be placed in the  Plant Science Bulletin, one time before or after the conference.  

  • Full-Page   ........  7.5" x 5.5" .............$600.00 
  • Half-page ........  4.5" x 3.5" .............$400.00

Digital Advertising on the Conference Website 

(Will be placed on the page within the month of receiving your ad.) 

  • Rotating Banner on conference home page - shared space
    $1500.00 for the life of the websites
    4 shared spaces are available
    Size - 160 x 600 px

Specifications for ads and artwork

Insertions in the Conference Packet $800.00

The Botany 2024 conference team will insert your brochure, order form, or handout in the conference packet given to all registrants. The regular fee for inserting materials is for each piece. Materials for insertion should not exceed 9” x 12” in size. Charges for shipping, storage, and delivery to the site of the Conference are the responsibility of the vendor. 1000 copies of all insertion materials must be clearly marked as Botany 2024 Registration Materials and shipped to arrive no later than Thursday,  June 13, 2024.  

Table-top Book Display $800.00

Purchase a 6’ table showcasing up to 12 publications, journals, or books. The display will not be staffed. Qualifying items may be used for Door Prizes at the Celebrate! event on Wednesday evening. Materials must be clearly marked Botany 2024 Exhibit Materials and shipped to arrive no later than Thursday, June 13, 2024.